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    ScrapMyCar Singapore specialise in helping customers get the best
    values out of their cars; be it selling, scraping or exporting their cars. Expert in de-registered all type of scrapped vehicles at LTA Scrapyard.


    Over here, we understand many people do not have the necessary skills and knowledge in selling their cars
    for the best possible prices. As a result, many car owners failed to recognize the true values of their cars
    and as a result lost out on potentially hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


    This is where we can come in
    and help you. To fully understand how we can help you, check out “Our Services” page for more details.


    Scrap Car Price Singapore

    Scrapping a car can be tricky business. Not only do most people have a special kind of attachment to their automobile, they also are wary of dealers and agents who might give them a bad deal.

    The truth is that selling a car is complex business. Even the most avid of car enthusiasts, who may know a great deal about throttle, horsepower and engine oil, can have quite a bit of shaky information regarding the market conditions. After all, their knowledge can’t possibly match the knowledge of a dealer or an agent, who literally make a living out of buying used cars.

    Due to this huge information asymmetry, we have noted a rise in the perception that most agents and dealers con the general public members into a bad deal. This has led to sellers being much more careful about the estimation of their cars’ values.

    In this environment, ScrapMyCar has taken up the mantle to regulate the trade in the market by acting as a fair and independent intermediary. Our desire has been to ensure that our clients get a fair deal. Gone are the days when the general public were at a disadvantage while dealing in automobiles. ScrapMyCar can serve as a crutch to the laymen looking to buy or sell a car.


    How we work

    Our business model is simple. A client gets in touch, either through phone or through our very easy-to-use online portal. They inform us about the details of the car they are looking to sell. Once we have all of these detailed pieces of information, ScrapMyCar sets the wheel in motion.

    Through our vast network of industry and market resources, we are able to find a buyer for the car almost immediately. After this stage, Scrapyard irons out any wrinkles in the deal and makes sure that both sides are happy with the bargain that they are getting.

    Simplicity is a hallmark of our business model. We understand that the clients are tired of complex dealings when it comes to transactions related to automobile trading. We want to streamline the system and make it much easier to implement on a larger scale.



    Our mission is to provide a convenient form of service by providing a platform for the laymen to buy and sell their cars. We want to create an environment where our clients are comfortable and don’t have to worry about a lack of knowledge. Our desire is to ensure that out platform is easily accessible. We don’t expect our clients to dedicate their precious time to deal with mundane matters related to the deal. ScrapMyCar handles all the drudge work for its clients thus ensuring that no time of the client is ever wasted.



    ScrapMyCar envisions itself as a pioneer of the automobile trade in the coming years. With the rise of internet technology and smartphones, ScrapMyCar hopes to become the alternative market to the tradition automobile buying and selling centers. Everything today, from cabs to hotel rooms to pizza, is being booked over the internet. Automobile industry, owing to its complex nature, has not yet evolved to that stage. ScrapMyCar hopes to become the catalyst that we necessitate such a revolution.


    Why Choose ScrapMyCar?

    1. Clear Goals: While we are not a charity, we are very much considerate of our clients’ needs. Our courteous and dedicated staff ensures that our valued customers get only the very best service. We make our charges very clear and there are no hidden fees. Our word is something you can trust!

    2. Simple yet comprehensive: While on the outset, it seems like our business model is rather simple, the inner workings are quite complex. The purpose behind designing the platform was to provide an easy alternative to our clients who would otherwise have to approach a dealer who may or may not be able to get them a good deal. On the back-end, we have a huge network of resources in the industry constantly scouring the marketplace for buyers and sellers so that any of our clients’ requests could be executed immediately.

    3. Personalized Service: Our personnel will give you the amount of attention that you deserve. Selling your car can be quite overwhelming, especially when dealing with the paperwork and negotiations. Our personnel will guide you every step of the way and assist you in getting the best deal possible.

    After years of experience in the industry, our personnel are ready to revolutionize the automobile trade with this new and exciting business model. Our clients are individuals who see the value in the time-saving and efficiency that our services provide. We are proud of being a total-quality oriented organization and our dedication to the clients’ cause is unmatched.


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